Hello Friends

My cynical self has joined the new year, new you bandwagon. Don’t worry, I did not start a cleanse, or buy a new wardrobe. I just woke up last week and decided that this balanced life everyone is always talking about is crap.  Instead of feeling guilty about what I am not doing, I will  just bold italics on those things I am or can actually get done. The past six months, I have participated in or overheard various conversations regarding such topics as, mothers feeling like they can not balance their careers and parenting, friends who can’t balance dinners and obligations with work, and then artists combining both of those things and their art work. These conversations are valid, but they are not productive. Why do we always feel what we don’t have so much more intensely than what we do?

Where am I going with this?

A new series of course. Remember #100godzilla’s?  or this time I posted about 100 Godzilla’s?  Well I am onto a new idea. This time coming from the concept of the circus. I am not sure if it will be called circus or anything remotely related, but I am struck by the bubbly, glittery, grotesque, oddity that is the vast history of the circus. Furthermore, similar to most concepts  I adore, the trapped yet fancy skilled horribleness, seems to draw parallels to how I, and perhaps sometimes you, feel everyday.

So Happy New Year!! If you have ideas let me know. If you want to participate let me know.


Sketches for circus project Top: Leader Botton: Sword Fight


Stage Fright

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