Chris OLDfili Part 2

First off, fuck you wordpress.

For my five readers out there do not expect eloquence, this was lost when wordpress decided it could not handle the iPhones new operating system. But here goes.

Recently, I visited New York for an array of odd reasons, including a not so work work party for Jared where my oldest friend works, to see trains and buildings made out of twigs, and some other various family activities.

Along the way I made time for the New Museum. The museum in my opinion that always seems to represent the best and the worst of contemporary art ¬†simultaneously. This is a hard task. Marcia Tucker is a bit of an idol, so I won’t say to much, and besides the building is glorious.

Moving on. Chris Ofili. You know him from the Guiliani scandal of the late nineties. You continued to care because of the glitter mixed with literal shit combination.

Now? Well he is the same. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my hour spent amongst the gooey glitter sex. even as I exited I thought perhaps I had been too hard on him at the Palais de Tokyo a few years ago. Soon Reality hit and I thought wow he is an evil genius.

The show consisted of five bodies of work. The originals aka dung, the leafy christmas ones, the wall of portraits, the can you see me? we are in the dark crap, and finally the I wish I was Trenton Doyle Hancock and could pull off the wallpaper painting combo room.

I usually do not attempt at negative reviews because who the hell am I? In fact, I am often surprised by how my opinion can change for the positive when I write on this blog. But hey its Christmas, so lets knock Ofili off his dung pedestal and call him what he really is a shiny Gimmick. Happy Holidays Ya’ll!


2 thoughts on “Chris OLDfili Part 2

  1. But fun right? And the black ones were a hoot — almost literally could I hear the night owls and assorted creatures in the deep dark forest of paint. MarSHa Tucker committed herself to showing the art “of our time” regardless, sometimes, of whether she liked it or not. Because of that, I struggle to judge art less by my own aesthetics than by it’s effect on me in this world at this time. This New Museum exhibit made me happy — in a well of shit going on in the world. Thanks Chris. Thanks for the soapbox Tash.

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