Gehry in Philadelphia?

I do not know why I had no idea Frank Gehry was re-doing the museum. I am sure it was news, maybe it was decided when I lived elsewhere, but the idea seems exciting.

This is exactly what I thought while biking to the museum the other day, as this alleged transformation is the subject of the PMA’s new show. I was excited as my mind imagined my home having it’s very own Guggenheim. 

This dream is not going to be our reality Philadelphians. If the project happens, we will have a new gheryesque auditorium, which is rarely used, and the Rocky stairs will be split making a see through atrium in the stairs. We do not even get a roof deck restaurant!

The price tag? 150-200 mil

If you like architecture models go see this show. The new and old museum are made huge in models fit with tiny people. My fav ? the mini Calder mobile in the new model. photo 1 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

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