A Week in ART

Happy Monday! Last week here at VCCA and things are slowing down.

#100Godzilla ‘s is complete and hanging! Some fellows participated and I think it turned out pretty fantastic.

Here is the info


This project began on an average sunny afternoon in 2013. I had just worked on an installation with another artist, and noticed how different my marks became while working in collaboration. This idea had originally been based on the characters in my paintings, but morphed into a delicate and monstrous combination of scale and personality.

Once it was completed I wanted to begin another collaborative project, while controlling the narrative. Godzilla had entered my practice a few years earlier filed under the name ” monster” or “dragon” but like many things hiding the truth was exhausting. I was painting GODZILLA! So I decided to take the subject on fully. This is how #100Godzilla ‘s was born.

I asked my community of artists and civilians to tackle a small work inspired by Godzilla. The only restrictions were for it be about 5×7 and to be made for the wall not the floor.

I love this symbol for it’s nod to pop culture but also for Godzilla’s misunderstood nature. She is feared and laughed at while conveying a sense of hopelessness. For how could Godzilla and other such beings coexist with our nuclear world? This comic sadness is where my work resides.

Participating Artists:

Jared Gruenwald                      Chuck MIley

John Morgan                            Joan Cox

Angus McCullaugh                  Christine Leggio

Edgar Sanches Cumbas            Suny Monk

Lisa Daria Kennedy                 Terry Boutelle

Alex Robilotta                           Lauren Watrous

S.K Duff                                     Holly Popielarz

A.K Benninghofen                    Deb Mell

Diane Cionni




Also a friend sent this image below he saw at an opening a few days ago. Apparently Godzilla is in this air!



sent by a friend


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