A Week in Art ( just some thoughts )

I’ve shared works in progress and ideas on people a little but really it’s just talking and making and drinking so you can picture all that very well I think. The best part is most definitely the things people say. And of course this will be out of context so take something or leave it all.

The poet Michael Montlack writes about Hello Kitty ” She could snack on live smurfs and wash them down with dry martini’s”

About me ” too curious for sacred shit”

“Prostitutes and fashion models” on a new series of my work by Elizabeth E Dickinson yes surprise a writer ! Did she have a choice ?

” Uncommon perspectives on common things ” on artist Angus McCulloughs work

” The word excuse has many names” at dinner

“I ❤️Mars ” no explanation needed

“Mermaids in washing machines ” what I wrote about something someone said that I forget but love love love the image in my head

Oh also an author here has a husband who was in a King Kong movie. I know kismet right ?? I’m one step closer


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