A week in Art

Happy Monday!! We had fantastic spring weather here in philly and for a brief moment it felt hopeful and jolly. However there is a lot to dread in the beginning of the week and I suspect that is true for most. Somehow even though the weekend is for relaxing In theory, it really amounts to what other things you did not get done. Laundry, shopping, lesson plans, even how much art I made gets measured up against this free time .
Especially as artists, and even more so artists whose work does not primarily support them. If your like me that mostly means no free time. Watching a movie relaxing while working or collecting or emailing. In a way it’s a bit of freedom knowing your always busy and contributing but sometimes it’s overwhelming. For me bad weather makes it worse.
Anyway On Saturday as I was thinking of all these things I met my friend Chrissy at the PMA. She had not yet gone to the Perelman Building but as always she was late. So I stepped into the main building and went directly into the basement where special exhibitions are often held. I was pleasantly surprised by a photography show by Michael Snow. I often struggle with museum presentations of photography. I had never heard of this Canadian artists whose work
Was primarily made in the seventies. He made large scale photo installations of everyday patterns and objects and often used mixed media elements. He also played with different view points and construction of the work. In on e series not pictured below he slowly added resin to a buckets of things and took a series of pictures showing how the material changes the objects . Simple but effective . I will look into snow in the future.
I am learning that figuring out effective simplicity is important to all practices.
visit Michael Snow at the Philadelphia Museum of Art until April 27

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