A week in Art

I decided something I hate about blogs I read is inconsistency. I become hooked on a food, art or design blog and am hopeful that every week it will be added to but it often is not. People are living their lives and are not held to any standard but their own. And of course the unexpected happens and time gets taken away. So I decided as Monday is really the start of the week for most people, and the hardest day, I will do my best to post on this day each week in a section called ” A week in Art.”  Now don’t get too excited many weeks I do not get to a museum or show, but I am always reading so I suspect I will have something to share.  Like many things, I adapted this Monday concept from A fine Lines blog.  Sarah introduces a new color palette every Monday. Her fantastic blog is not totally my style, but I am inspired by her effort and it calms me to read about a side of creating that I am not immersed in.

This past week was extremely exciting for me. Even in the snowy weather I made an effort to get out and check out what Philadelphia had to offer. On Wednesday was the 50th anniversary party of the ICA. I had read that it would be quite a show. Kara Walker was curating so I thought it would at least be interesting. Jared and I waited online in the cold and when we got in we were greeted with a massive crowd and a cash bar. Some of my least favorite things I knew Questlove was on the bill to D.J, but with the weather I underestimated how crowded it would be.  The show did not disappoint. With works by William Pope L, Tim Portluck, and about ten others RuffNeck Constructivists is worth the visit. William Pope L’s large Bologna work certainly became the main attraction due to the scale, pattern, and smell. I will be returning to watch the videos without the crowds.

Then, Yesterday a few friends and I finally made it to the Fabric Workshop and Museum. Sarah Sze’s curiously untitled show has been up since December. I stupidly missed the opening and then saved the show for some reason. I was very excited as I have been following Sze’s work for years. She certainly is a super star having won all the prizes including the MacCarthur and Guggenheim. Sze was also last years American Pavilion artist at the Venice Biennial. This can sometimes be startlingly overwhelming for unknown artists like myself, but something about her work makes me feel like she deserves it. She tends to use materials within her reach and through these objects conveys a sense of loss, space, and time. Go see the show up until April.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Above ICA view William Pope L

Below Sarah Sze Prints and Rocks floor 3

Newspaper installation floor 8

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